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Tech tycoon claims he was arrested for wearing a lacy TH0NG on his face instead of a mask

Tech tycoon John McAfee claimed he had been arrested in Norway because he refused to put a medically-certified face covering over his th0ng mask.

McAfee, who made millions with the anti-virus software bearing his name, took to Twitter on Monday morning to report that he had been detained by Norwegian authorities who weren’t impressed by the mask he made out of ladies underwear.

His wife, Janice McAfee, took over his Twitter page a few hours later and confirmed that he had been placed under arrest while she was merely detained.

John McAfee tweet

The couple also shared several photos showing off the offending mask – a black lace th0ng.

‘I am insisting it is the safest available and I’m refusing to wear anything else – for my health’s sake,’ John McAfee, 74, declared.

However he later followed it up saying he had been pulling a prank.

According to Swiss tabloid Blick, the photos are from the airport in Augsburg close to Munich.

The publication reported that McAfee was not arrested but told he would be subject to quarantine if he entered Germany so he traveled elsewhere. He claimed to now be in Belarus.

McAfee first confirmed his detention in a tweet announcing that he would have to push back the meeting time for his group called the Red Scarf Society.

John McAfee thong mask

‘Trivial issue but waiting for high level beaurocrats [sic] to arrive. Slow b*******, as you know,’ he wrote.

Soon after he posted another tweet canceling the meeting, alongside a photo of himself laughing alongside a detention officer.

Janice began tweeting from the account minutes later, writing: ‘I’ll manage John’s account until he escapes (usual method), bribes someone (very quick – might be out in a few hours), retains the right lawyer (will be a few days) or becomes warden of the jail, in which case we will have to force him out.’

She then shared a message of support for her husband and his choice of facial covering.

‘His th0ng mask: It doesn’t recycle his exhaled carbon dioxide, like over the ear masks. (Breathing impaired people are exempt from wearing masks because masks impair respiration),’ she wrote.

‘Masks stop bacteria. Not viruses people! He was arrested for what he believes. Thank you my love.’

Janice said she had also refused to put a medically-certified mask over her th0ng mask, but authorities opted not to arrest her.

About five hours later Janice posted a video of herself in a waiting room at the detention center, where she had somehow managed to get her hands on a couple bottles of champagne.

Janice drinking champagne‘John is the only person I know that can get you champagne while being detained!’ she wrote.

Soon after Janice offered another update in a Twitter video from the couple’s private plane as it took off for Munich, where they live.

‘Hello everybody, I’m here on our private jet,’ she said with a wave.

‘I received instructions from John through a private connection that he wanted me to go home and wait for his arrival.

‘So, hopefully – you know him, he got this, so you’ll be hearing from him soon, in a few hours I’m sure.

‘In the meantime I’m headed home with our bodyguards and hopefully we’ll be hearing from him in a few hours. Take care!’

John McAfee and wife JaniceMcAfee, who was born in 1945 at a US military base on British territory, has a long history of brushes with law enforcement in various countries.

He made headlines in 2012 after authorities announced that he was wanted as a ‘person of interest’ in the murder of his neighbor in Belize.

The eccentric millionaire was later tracked down in Guatemala, where he claimed he was seeking political asylum. He was subsequently arrested for entering the country illegally and was eventually deported back to the US.

Officials in Belize never brought any charges against McAfee in the investigation into his neighbor’s murder.

Last summer McAfee and his wife were arrested by police in the Dominican Republic who accused them of sailing into the island with a boat-load of firearms.

He soon fled to Lithuania, where he shared a photo of himself hiding out in an ‘ultra-secure facility’.

McAfee is currently seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for US president this fall – after another failed bid back in 2016.

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