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Tanasha showers Hamisa with praises

Tanasha showers Hamisa with praises
As Diamond Platnumz sires children all over the place and moves about his business being reckless and leaving his baby mamas to fend for themselves, they are on the other hand joining forces to do some amazing things.

In an unlikely twist of events, Tanasha and Hamisa Mobetto are burying their hatchet which was sort of caused by the fact that they had to compete for the attention of one man.Tanasha showers Hamisa with praises

The latest news reaching us is that the beauty queens are working and collaborating on different ventures. Tanasha’s ‘Liar’ featuring Masauti has already caused a lot of buzz among a lot of people talking from Kenya all the way to Tanzania. This is because she was styled by her fellow baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto. She revealed that she is actually the one who reached out to her saying she was super cool and excited to do it.


“First of all, her son is my son’s brother so for me personally I am not going to hold a grudge over my past with someone. We all move on. She is a hardworking woman and very good at her job. I was looking to partner someone prominent working in the fashion industry in Kenya or Tanzania. I focuses on the two because I have a big audience in Tanzania. Working with her alps meant I will get the attention of Tanzanians and the designs came out looking amazing. I was looking at the whole thing from a business perspective on how it will benefit both me and her. ”

Besides she is a very humble, hardworking and I respect her for what she does as she is a positive thinker.” Tanasha told Lynn Ngugi.
The two are also planning to reunite their babies so that they can meet each other and have a brotherly relationship which they have been denied for a while due to the weird relationship their mothers have had in the past.

In Zari’s case, only time will tell when she can also be extended an olive branch to come along this new found amicable love among Diamond Platnumz’ baby mamas.
Source: Kelebrity