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Tanasha Donna claims she is self made

Tanasha Donna claims she is self made
Tanasha Donna was probably busy hustling to work on her dreams as a singer and entrepreneur in the background with a few endorsements in her bag when she bumped into famous Tanzanian Bongo flava singer, Diamond Platnumz.

The fact that Diamond was already such a huge star automatically blew up Tanasha’s career by association since she was now directly involved in Diamond’s life and each time Diamond was mentioned, her name somehow usually popped her propelling her to celebrity status and a subject of media interest.

That however does not make Diamond Platnumz her stepping stone to success, and the Kenyan socialite is out to address all the haters making such comments to burst her bubble.
Diamond Platnumz bails on baby mama Tanasha
Mama Naseeb has come out to address the situation affirming that she is solely responsible for her success and would still have made it with or without Diamond Platnumz. She clarified that Diamond helped boost her brand but he cannot take all the credit since she was already on her journey to success.

Tanasha further told Tuko that her career’s success would probably have delayed with a few years  without Diamond but it was for sure bound to happen.

Diamond has contributed to boosting my numbers in a short period of time most definitely for the fact that I was dating him. But whether he was in the picture or not, my focus was there from a very long time ago, I knew what my destiny was, I knew what I wanted to achieve. I was already very well connected in the industry.


She however maintains that she has respect for him and that they had a genuine love relationship. Donna also says she harbors no hard feelings for him and they have a respectful relationship for now, so whoever the haters are,please rest.
Source: Kelebrity