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Mr and Mrs Uwane’s love is such a vibe #OurPerfectWedding

Mr and Mrs Uwane

Thandiwe Konyana (29) and William Uwane (28) met at the train station when she was on her way back from Varsity, she spoke to him first as she assumed William was his twin brother, Wilson. William selfishly kept quiet about the misunderstanding as he knew it would work to his advantage. ” I knew his twin brother, so I when I met him, I thought it was him.

She had a bursary interview scheduled for the next day and she had written the details of the interview on a piece of paper, William would somehow get her number as well as the paper with the details. He then promised her that he would contact her in the morning with the address, time and place of her bursary interview and he did.

Mr and Mrs Uwane

On her way to school, she bumped into the real Wilson who asked her why she was formally dressed, it was then she realised that she got played by his twin brother! She immediately called him and confronted him.” People often mistaken me for Wilson, even our parents. I was not going to a miss an opportunity to speak to a beautiful lady.” says William.

Thandiwe says she was angry at William, it took her three months to take him seriously as he was also casually seeing someone else at the time. But after she finally entertained him, he knew he had found the one! The couple have a daughter together and have always been intentional about marriage.

William would propose to Thandiwe on Valentine’s Day, after his reservations at the chosen restaurant got cancelled, he called her to the bedroom and showed her a box with a ring in it. She knew that this was the day he would propose, so she wasted no time saying yes!

Unfortunately, William’s twin brother would tragically die in a biking accident in 2016 and this would prove to be a tough time in William’s life. He had to resign from his job as he just wasn’t coping, but he is now back at work. Even though the gap is still there, he is happy his best friend will be there to pick up the weight that Wilson left. Below is a picture of William, his best friend and late brother. Rest in Peace Wilson.

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