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South African men where is your self-respect – Ntsiki Mazwai


Controversial poet Ntsiki Mazwai has come out guns blazing and her aim is at South African men. Ntsiki, who never minces her words and has championed gender-based violence issues on her social media platforms, took aim at all South African men.

The star posted a video on social media where she launched the attack after she went through the comments from a tweet of hers where she told her followers a married man asked if he could give her a massage. The comments prompted her to record a video and give her thoughts.

Ntsiki Mazwai

“I am going through all the comments from my tweet about a married man asking to message me and I’m seeing that the problem is actually black South African men”, she started off by saying. She went on to say that when men see a woman, they see a sexual object.

There is something wrong with you guys. When you see a woman, you see a sexual object, that makes you a pervert and a pervert is not something positive. We are uncomfortable with you and your unwanted advances on us”.Ntsiki said that women were also uncomfortable with the catcalling, whistling and s.e.xual innuendos in the workspace and wherever women were.



“I need you to understand that if I’m not attracted to you and you make a sexual innuendo at me, you are disgusting.“South African men don’t know how to control themselves and respect themselves. So until you learn to respect yourselves we will continue to call you rapey because you are rapey”, she said.

Watch the full video below.

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Source: Celebsnow