Phat Joe

There have been many radio personality shifts on many local radio stations in the past month, and although some shifts may have been unfavourable for your favourite radio personalities, other changes have been welcomed with open arms.

For instance, Phat Joe, who is considered as one of South Africa’s most controversial yet entertaining radio broadcaster has joined Radio 2000. From today, the radio personality will be hosting the breakfast show from 6:00am – 9:00am.

The news of Phat Joe joining this radio station has come with a lot of mixed reactions from the public.

Phat Joe

Some of Radio 2000’s listeners have welcomed Phat Joe with open arms, these are just some of the positive comments said by various listeners since listening to him this morning:

One listener commended Phat Joe for his ability to adapt to whatever radio station he is placed in and his ability to gel with other personalities.

While another listener expressed that Phat Joe’s return to national radio is nothing but a positive thing.


Another individual made an interesting suggestion by stating that Phat Joe and DJ Fresh should host their breakfast shows simultaneously from their different studios.

However, on the other hand, some listeners are not impressed with Phat Joe being appointed as the new radio host for the breakfast show

It is also quite clear that those that do not want Phat Joe on Radio 2000 are determined to have Just Ice, who was the former radio host of the breakfast show return to his slot.

Well, unfortunately for all you Just Ice fans, what’s done is done. Phat Joe is officially your new host for the breakfast show so just sit and enjoy the ride until he decides to either resign or gets shifted to a new radio station.

But with a baby girl on a way and a family to take care of, we’re quite sure Phat Joe is going to make sure that he does an outstanding job at Radio 2000, after all daddy needs to bring the bacon home.

Phat Joe and Palesa Morgan

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