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Skolopad shows off her new b00bs

Skolopad has finally revealed her boobs as she removes the bandage on it.

The star revealed that she has undergone breast reduction surgery.

The entertainer has never for once complained about having big breasts, but she’s blatantly happy about her decision.

Skolopad shared photos of herself in the hospital; she also shared a before and after of her breasts.
Well, she has finally revealed her boobs as it is healing faster than expected.

She said: “Removing and Revealing of my new boobs. Journey continue 🙌💃💃More Confidence and more sexy👌 Thank you Dr”

In other news – Another baby for Faith Nketsi

Mzansi reality TV star Faith Nketsi-Njilo admits once more to wanting another baby in her marriage. Taking to Twitter, Nketsi-Njilo wants another bundle of joy and preferably a baby boy to be Sky’s sibling.

Faith Nketsi

Motherhood must be going well for the new wife and new mom, Faith Nketsi-Njili. As she once again admits on Twitter to wanting another bundle of joy with her husband, Nzuzo Njilo. This is definitely not the first time the Have Faith reality star admits to wanting more babies. Learn More