Skeem Saam’s Cedric Fourie opens up about roles and his skin colour

Actor Cedric Fourie has opened up about how he was rejected for certain roles because he isn’t ‘black enough’ – He was particularly grateful to join the cast of Skeem Saam because he doesn’t get the chance to play a black character often – For some time the actor thought he was wasting his time auditioning for black roles.

Cedric Fourie

Cedric Fourie, local actor known for his role in Skeem Saam, recently shared that he was often told his skin isn’t dark enough for him to play the role of black characters. However, according to ThsisaLIVE, this rejection only motivated him more, even if he did feel like he was wasting his time sometimes.

Cedric Fourie

When he got the chance to be on Skeem Saam, Cedric grabbed it with both hands. “I got to a point where I almost felt like I was wasting my time when auditioning for a black male role. How could I be told that I wasn’t black enough just because I am (a) few shades lighter than what Europeans have tagged as black?” “But I got over that and when Skeem Saam gave me the black character another channel previously denied (me)‚ I grabbed it with both hands. I dropped everything and gave it my all.

Cedric Fourie

As an actor‚ you carry the story. I’m glad that I am part of a production that values preparation and research‚ but at the end of the day‚ it is my acting that will win people over. I want to sell myself as (a) multi-dimensional actor. One who is able to play anything from a drag queen to businessman.

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