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Actress Simz Ngema clears the air on claims she used Dumi Masilela’s insurance money to buy a House

Mzansi actress and singer Simphiwe Ngema just purchased her very first home, and she’s making it clear she didn’t use her late husband Dumi Masilela’s insurance money to do it.

On Instagram, Simphiwe posted a screenshot of an email confirming her home purchase. And while celebrating this huge milestone, the 30-year-old took some time to set the record straight regarding rumours about her finances.

3 years ago I became a 27yr old Widow. My husband passed away 2months after our wedding (with no life insurance) and I was left with nothing. I didn’t have a job and I was left with a car that he was murdered in. My family was all I had. I remember posting a picture of me at the beach with my family and people talking about how I’m spending my late husband’s insurance money (which I didn’t have) and Wishing I actually had it. I was fortunate that I had a family that could take Care of me (Most widows don’t) [sic],” she wrote.

Simz ngema

3months later I got a job at broken vows and 3months after that my aunt died in my arms and it felt like things were just getting worse. I promised myself that I would work so hard that when people look at me they would actually think that I did get that insurance money. Mission accomplished??????. moral of the story, people will always talk, don’t let what they say hurt you or get you down. Use it as motivation to become a better person and to achieve your goals. Before you judge a widow for moving on, wether it be buying a new house, a car or falling I nlove again just be glad she’s moving at all [sic],” she continued.

Today I choose to celebrate my goals because for the longest time, achieving something was a relief and not a celebration. I’m not afraid to talk about what I’ve been through because I learnt a long time ago that ‘you can’t heal under a mask, wounds need air’. My achievements might be small but next time you see me, know that’s all ME!!!. Here’s to healing and achieving more goals. Get up! Little lady, no one is coming to save you.

Her followers – and industry peers Nomzamo Mbatha and Kayise Ngqula – commended the actress for her strength and tenacity.

“Ma’am . . . this testimony !!! A living and breathing proof of God’s insurmountable grace. Wow! May your journey continue to rise from glory to glory!” Nomzamo wrote.

Simz Ngema and Dumi

Kayise mentioned how much she relates to and is praying for Simphiwe, “I’m literally praying in tongues right now for you. I don’t have the words at all. You don’t know what this post has done for my soul. I can’t even contain my joy for you. I’m sooooooooo thankful to God for blessing you like this. From one widow to another sis, Thank you for giving me hope!!! [sic],” she commented.

The Rhythm City actor died after an attempted hijacking in Tembisa, Gauteng, in 2017. This was a few months after he wed Simphiwe, his long-time girlfriend.

She’s been very vocal about her healing journey ever since his untimely death. Simphiwe often writes on social media about how she’s been holding up and the things she’s had to get used to, like being independent and learning to fend for herself.

“I’ve learnt to be the man I wanted to marry. Sad but true. I had to learn to see myself through his eyes, love myself as much as he loved me, be independent and take care of myself the way he would take care of me. It’s been a tough journey but I’m finally here.”

See the post here:

Simz Ngema

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