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Boity Thulo slammed for leaving her home during Mzansi’s lockdown

Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo spent time outside her home on the first day of South Africa’s lockdown – One peep was not impressed with the young woman and called her out on it – Minnie replied that she was trying to show people that the shops are still stocked and they panicked for nothing.

Boity Thulo

With the lockdown in South Africa showing citizens that the coronavirus is not a joke, many people are fearing for those who need to be outside. However, when it comes to people who ought to be inside their homes, it seems there isn’t a lot of tolerance to be found for rulebreakers. Boity Thulo headed to her local shops to buy some food and shared the experience with her fans.

Boity Thulo

In tweets, Minnie tried to show people that their panic buying was a waste of time – the shops still have stock. However, one peep called her out, even finding fault with the fact that she was posting about being outside. She responded though, stating that she wasn’t being careless.

South Africans were infuriated by locals going about their daily routines as if there’s no lockdown and no coronavirus. Citizens in Johannesburg township Alexandra are on the receiving end of fury and insults from the rest of South Africa. These folks are still out shopping and carrying on with their daily routines despite the national lockdown of 21 days.

Boity Thulo

The point of the lockdown is to help the country with the worrying spread of the coronavirus but it looks like not everyone is taking it as seriously. Naturally, the people who are doing their most to self-isolate and curb the spread of Covid-19 were not impressed. To them, it looks like their fellow South Africans are being irresponsible, careless and selfish.

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It is already Friday, 27 March 2020 and cases are increasing. Church leader based in Nigeria Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly known as TB Joshua’s prophecy on coronavirus has failed to come to pass.

TB Joshua

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