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Ramaphosa: ‘If the ANC does not renew itself, it will simply perish’

African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa said if the governing party does not renew itself, it will “simply perish.”

Ramaphosa was delivering the opening remarks at the ANC NEC Lekgotla at the Esselenpark Conference Centre in Gauteng on Sunday.

This is the last leg of the series of meetings the party’s highest decision-making body has convened to chart the new path forward.

The party also elected the National Working Committee which will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the organization.

No Mbeki, Motlanthe and Mabuza?

Ramaphosa noted the absence of his predecessors former President Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe who have been critical about him.

Former ANC Deputy President David Mabuza and ‘outgoing’ South Africa deputy president also did not attend the party’s the NEC Lekgotla due to prior “committments”.

ANC must renew itself

Ramaphosa said the ANC must rejuvenate itself to serve the needs of South Africans.

“The renewal and rebuilding of our movement is non-negotiable and we must ensure that it is irreversible. This is an existential issue, if we don’t renew our movement, it will simply perish.”

“We must unite our movement and move beyond the factional considerations and contestations that have plagued our organisation in recent years. Only an ANC that is united, strong and vibrant can effectively address the needs of the people and advance the National Democratic Revolution,” Ramaphosa said.

Unity starts with ANC NEC

Ramaphosa said building unity in the ANC starts with NEC members who must be activists, disciplined and in touch with the people and extends to leaders at all levels.

“In addition, deployed cadres and the public service must contribute to building national unity through serving the people diligently, with integrity and distinction.”

“Our movement must represent the best in society and we must become more responsive, well-governed, well-resourced, ethical and caring. The people must see us reflecting the legacy of our heroes and heroines in our words and actions,” Ramaphosa added.


Ramaphosa said the challenges facing South Africa are enormous.

“Through our actions now, we need to send a clear signal to voters that the ANC is taking all necessary steps to deal with the challenges they confront, specifically unemployment, rising cost of living, crime and instability, and poor service delivery.”

Ramaphosa said the ANC NEC Lekgotla assesses the party’s policies and targets set in the past towards changing the lives of people.

“We track implementation and develop a programme of action to operationalise priority areas, discuss strategies to advance the interests of our people,” Ramaphosa said.


Ramaphosa said “corruption is the enemy of the people” and that the ANC remained committed to taking a tough stance against corruption within its own ranks.

“The 55th ANC elective conference reaffirmed the step-aside guidelines and resolved to strengthen the Integrity Commission and the ANC’s disciplinary structures and processes.”

“Any ANC member implicated or involved in corrupt activity will be dealt with according to the ANC’s rules and policies and must face the full might of the law, without exception,” Ramaphosa warned.


Ramaphosa added the ANC must be honest with South Africans.

“In less than are year we are heading to national and provincial elections which will be difficult. Election campaigns for 2024 are well underway when you also look at other political parties,” he said.

Ramaphosa said the ANC reaffirmed its commitment to building a better Africa and world.

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