#SkeemSaam: Meet Charles Kunutu’s family

It is great to finally meet Charles Kunutu’s family on Skeem Saam. And it seems behind the kasi gossipmonger is a man who loves his wife, Salamina.

However, Charles nearly kicked the bucket this week. He was fuming and nearly had a heart attack when he found out that his son, Letetswe, failed grade 9 and lied about it.

While being disappointed is normal, not being able to control your anger is something else. The parents are irresponsible as they failed to check Letetswe’s report – only finding out through a neighbour this year that he was not in grade 10.

Charles Kunutu

Meanwhile, Khwezi’s baby is breach, meaning she might deliver sooner than expected.

This has left her baby daddy, Lehasa, stressed. Perhaps an early delivery may not be such a bad idea as this pregnancy has brought nothing but drama, including the break-up between Pretty and Lehasa.

Ona and Soka are #CouplesGoals on House of Zwide. Credit should go to Ona for sticking by her man after losing his job.

She not only stepped up by paying on all their dates, but also helped him get a highpaying job in corporate. On his first day at work, she packed him lunch and filled up his skorokoro with petrol. If that is not love, I don’t know what is.

Not everything is all sunshine and roses as Mampho decided to run away with Nkosi’s child, leaving him worried.

Mpho knows he doesn’t love anyone more than baby Busi, not even his new fiancee Shoki, whom Nkosi now blames for Mampho’s disappearance.

-daily sun

In other news – RHOJ star Christall Kay needs financial help

Christall Kay cried out for help as she is on the verge of bankruptcy. I’ m really desperate for a gig at this point I can take anything, if there is anyone out there with a gig for me, I would be happy to take it,” she tells ZiMoja. The reality TV star sold her house to businesswoman Kim Bubu who moved-in in 2020 and paid R5 million deposit, but Kim has failed to do the needful after settling in.

Christall Kay

“I gave her notice of cancellation in terms of the contract when no payment was forthcoming. She had already been given a 3-month extension. She didn’t pay an installment and tried to pay the last amount through a bond. But this was a cash agreement; it was never a bond agreement,” Kay says. Kay’s mansion was listed on Property24 in 2017 selling for R18.5 million. Learn more