Passion Java compares himself to Michael Jackson after Flop of the Year

Passion Java compares himself to Michael Jackson after Flop of the Year at the National Sports Stadium a few days ago. People already labelled the attempt to fill the 60,000 seater stadium a ‘wonder’ so it didn’t come as a surprise when the wonder failed.

Passion Java

Passion Java called it the Night of Wonders and to the rest of Zimbabwe, it turned into the biggest Flop of the Year or rather a Night of Shame!


The first thing social media noticed was his dressing, the flamboyant so-called prophet was dressed to impress. The only problem is he was dressed like Michael Jackson and fans didn’t wait for the Gospel Rally to end before they started tossing around insults.

Passion Java trying to lighten the mood took to social media and shared a picture showing himself and Michael Jackson. He captioned the picture – M.J & P.J, more evidence of lacking originality in his approach.

Passion Java

That pose alone in the above picture shows he is more of a copycat than a prophet. Every gesture, every inflexion, seems meticulously crafted to mimic the original. Yet, beneath this facade of imitation lies a complex interplay of admiration, envy, and perhaps a longing for identity. Who knows maybe Zimbabweans will follow him more and his preaching after this!

Passion Java attacks Baba Harare

To make himself more relevant Passion Java attacked Baba Harare in the comments and said – Glove rangu rinovhinja life ya Baba Harare yese. But Baba Harare quickly responded to the Fake Prophet and had this to say: Passion Java you need 2 ma gloves because makwene ari mumaoko ako ma1.

Passion Java attacks Baba Harare

I still just think these two are friends who benefit from constantly attacking each other. I mean if it was real beef, they would have blocked each other a long time ago. Could it be that Passion Java is good friends with Baba Harare? The constant attacks show an element of liking one another, these two are always thinking about each other!

Anyways, Passion Java said he won’t stop preaching after his Flop at National Sports Stadium… But we gotta admit his stage was on point. Is he anything near Michael Jackson apart from the dressing, well the answer is a BIG NO, he is just not talented enough even if he pulled off that pose!

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