Sho Madjozi sets the record straight about Sjava dating rumours

Sho Madjozi and Sjava’s fans are convinced that they are dating after they were pictured looking cosy at a show in Durban a few days ago
One picture showed Sho looking “lovingly” into Sjava’s eyes, though, some were quick to point out it was a look of admiration for a fellow talented musician.

Sho was seen in another image resting her hand on Sjava’s chest during what appeared to be a deep conversation. That look Sho Madjozi gives Sjava,” on Twitter user wrote.

Sjava and Sho Madjozi

Another wrote: “This Girl Likes #Sjava that Look.”
But before you start “shipping” the BET award-winners, Sho Madjozi has poured cold water on rumours of a romance. I know the picture that had people thinking we are dating. I had some glitter on my head and Sjava was helping to remove it. But some photographer captured that moment,” she told the Daily Sun.

Sho added that she loved the image and wants to get it framed.

“That’s a beautiful picture he took. I’m even thinking of printing and keeping it. It’s just a Tsonga princess and a Zulu prince taking a photo together. That’s why people love that picture.

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Source: All4Women

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