Sho Madjozi recorded a song that will help citizens understand the lockdown rules

While many are worried about not being able to groove during the 21-day national lockdown, rapper Sho Madjozi is making sure South Africans know and understand the rules the best way she knows how … through a song.

The star, who’s been very vocal during the Covid-19 outbreak in SA, is making sure that South Africans are doing their best to combat the spread of the virus. Taking to Instagram, Sho remixed a childhood favourite rhyme where she counts the five things people need to do during the coronavirus outbreak. In the song, Sho highlighted the importance for citizens to stay at home, wash their hands, and limit hugs and touching. People couldn’t help but stan over the “Lockdown rules” song and predicted it would be a hit with all the kids in lockdown.

Sho Madjozi

Sho recently criticised DJ Shimza’s #QuarantineOnlineParty that took place last Friday, saying she wasn’t impressed by the DJs touching the same equipment and grooving in one house during such a pandemic period.

Sho Madjozi

I was so unimpressed by the #QuarantineOnlineParty. Kanti the DJs and their friends were all touching the same equipment and grooving in one house. Like that’s literally still a party, among people who are at the highest risk of spreading it. That is, people who’ve been travelling all over the country and world recently,” she said on Twitter. Shimza responded by letting Sho know they had taken the necessary precautions.

Sho Madjozi

“Hey sis, your concerns are understood. We had less than 40 people in the venue, most being people who were working on the stream making sure it worked well. Equipment was sanitised, we as DJs crew kept sanitising, some wore masks, we tried to avoid contact. We’ll do better on the next one,” Shimza said. Sho said she was grateful they were willing to do better to combat the spread of Covid-19 and said “the missing ingredient was social distancing”.


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Source: Timeslive

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