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Shashi Naidoo rocking in latest pictures

Shahsi Naidoo

Shashi Naidoo rocking in latest pictures. Shashi Naidoo is a South African actress, television presenter, model, MC, entrepreneur and fashion blogger. Shashi is best known for co-hosting the E.TV magazine show 20Something.

During this time she also co-hosted the nationwide MTV VJ Search. To celebrate this wonderful woman, we have collected some of the model and TV personality’s most sizzling images from her Instagram page! She really is a natural beauty!

It seems the star is starting to re-live her life after that Gaza comment incident that has rocked her in the past few months. Since the incident a lot of things has happened, she has tried to go and visit Israel but she was denied entry into the country upon arrival.

She made several attempts to try and show how sorry she was and sometimes it worked but sometimes it didn’t. But what we know as her fans we will always stick with her. This is the reason why we are so happy to share with you her latest pictures which are showing a sign of moving on with life. The captions too on the pictures speak positivity and we are so delighted. Check the pictures below…


Shahsi Naidoo

Regardless of the obstacles life throws at you, if you continue to follow your dreams, you will get results. ❤️


Shahsi Naidoo

I give myself permission to be happy 🙏


Shahsi Naidoo

“Half of getting what we want is learning to ask for it!”
If you want to feed a squirrel, you don’t chase after it with the nuts, you hold them out and wait for it to come to you. So it is with everything in life… when we desperately chase something, it runs away from us.

We are more likely to succeed when we simply do our best and don’t worry about the outcome. Do what you can, then when there is no more to be done, step back and focus on something else.

Shahsi Naidoo

You’re a star ⭐️

Shahsi Naidoo

This power of the Palestinian spirit is a wonderful thing. Their suffering has not eroded their love and hospitality to strangers like me which is an indescribable strength of the Palestinian people.

This is Nawal, she lives in the Jerash “Gaza” camp. She is a trained teacher at SEP Social Enterprise Project (SEP), which employs skilled Palestinian refugee women within the camp as artisans. These artisans make many unique handmade products, including embroidered home and fashion accessories, like shawls, tablecloths, bags, towels and scarves and their creations are sold at upmarket stores around the world including Harrods.

Nawal is driven by the desire to contribute to the improvement of living conditions at the camp which she believes SEP can deliver. Her determined motivation took SEP from 20-ladies group to a team of 300!

This is a great story to end up with and motivate each other. Live your life girl we are with you.

Source: Instagram/News365coza

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