Home Entertainment Shashi Naidoo’s Gaza comment drama continues: Video

Shashi Naidoo’s Gaza comment drama continues: Video

Shashi Naidoo

A vlogger, who goes by Coconut Kelz, has given her version of events and it’s hilarious. She even changed her video settings to black and white, the same filter that Shashi used on her “apology” which was later deleted.

Coconut Kelz

The controversy around Shashi Naidoo and the comments she made about Israel and Palestine may have died down, but the jokes keep pouring in.

Shashi Naidoo

Last week Shashi held a press conference with BDS South Africa, where she said she would go on a fact-finding tour of the Palestinian territories after her posts on social media.

She referred to Gaza as a “sh!thole” and said she received death threats as a result. Meanwhile, social media ain’t letting it go and this satirical video has gone viral.

Source: Times Live