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Shashi Naidoo conquers in Jordan, a country next to Palestine: Pictures

Shashi Naidoo in Jordan

Shashi Naidoo is trying, by all means, to clear her name after that Gaza comment and last we had she was denied entry to Israel so she decided to tour Jordan the country next to Palestine which is also near Gaza.

She shared a story which we thought would be right to re-share it to you and some pictures which she took in the country. Check the message below:

Shashi Naidoo

I think a story that needs to be shared is that of the upwards of 6 million people living in Refugee camps… These refugee camps came about as a result of conflicts during 1946-1948, resultant with Palestinians who lost both their homes and means of livelihood, and again, in the aftermath of the hostilities of 1967 and the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Camps were set up to “temporarily” accommodate those displaced.


Shashi Naidoo in Jordan

Despite how long they have been living as refugees outside of Palestine, the thing that SHOCKED me the most is that people are not given local identity numbers, meaning that they are unable to seek gainful employment; the majority of which, are forced to rely on funding from organizations such as UNRWA (The United Nations Relief & Works Fund)

Shashi Naidoo JordanDue to recent drastic funding cuts from America, UNRWA now more than ever needs our help. One of the things I witnessed myself, along with the lack of basic services in general, as a result of these budget cuts, is that refuse removal has been severely affected.

Shashi Naidoo in Jordan

This has the potential for serious health implications by the very real chance of the spread of disease considering the confined spaces, within which refugees are forced to live.

Shashi Naidoo in Jordan

The dignity of people can largely be affected by the surroundings they find themselves in. And WE NEED TO HELP. The Alushi foundation has made a contribution to UNRWA in this plight, of you, would like to help or donate please visit https://www.unrwa.org/

Source: Instagram/News365coza

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