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Sakeliga welcomes return of sale of hot food

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Business organization Sakeliga has welcomed the concessions made by the government on the sale and delivery of hot, cooked food contained in the draft framework for the new five-level lockdown system released by the government on Saturday, and intended to restart the economy and, at the same time, curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

According to the draft framework for level four lockdown restrictions, the sale of hot, cooked food will be allowed, but only for home delivery; President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thursday night that South Africa would move to level four as of May 1, when the current five-week level five lockdown, started on March 27, is lifted.

“The relaxation of unlawful, harmful, and unenforceable rules pertaining to food and food delivery will do much to improve access to food and employment for the public,” Sakeliga said in a statement on Saturday.

Despite some welcome developments, however, Sakeliga believed that the proposed new regulations still represented “regulatory overkill”.

“South Africa is on the brink of economic and humanitarian disaster and no amount of stimulus can replace a re-opening of the economy, subject to risk limitations rather than sectoral and product prohibitions.

“The economy will only be able to recover sufficiently if we allow businesses across all industries to innovate around risks, operate at any profitable capacity, and deliver products to their customers. The proposed regulations are incredibly complex and will be impossible to comply with for even the most well-intentioned business or member of the public.”

Sakeliga would study the proposed regulations with a view to providing its final input before the promulgation of the regulations next week, after which it would consider further steps, the statement said.

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Source: African News Agency (ANA)