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Slay Queens heart-broken as Viral blesser Roland Muchengwa’s business accounts frozen

In a development that might come as a disappointment to some female revelers who were hoping to party with Zimbabwean business mogul and playboy, Roland Muchegwa who is well known for splurging money on women who catch his fancy.

Uncle Roland, as he is affectionately known is reported to have had his company accounts frozen by South African authorities for alleged tax evasion and unscrupulous business dealings.

Roland Muchengwa

According to the local online publication, Zimmorning post, South Africa Revenue Services (SARS) is investigating Uncle Roland for tax evasion amid allegations that he is also involved in illicit fuel deals.

Consequently, authorities have frozen the businessman’s company accounts to pave way for investigation. Muchegwa, who hogged the spotlight earlier this year after photos of him with a bevy of beautiful women emerged on social media, is alleged to be part of a fuel smuggling syndicate.

Roland Muchengwa

Uncle Roland’s ostentatiousness is suspected to have triggered the institute to conduct a lifestyle audit on him after his opulent lifestyle went viral on social media.

A source that spoke to the publication revealed the nasty details of Uncle Roland’s shenanigans.

Rolen’s accounts were frozen along with another South African based Zimbabwean businessman. Sars alleges that he is not paying tax and he is involved in dirty fuel deals wherein he buys petrol in cheaper areas like Kwazulu Natal province after misrepresentation of export and sell it at a profit in Limpopo province, It’s a clique, him (Uncle Roland) and associates.

Roland Muchengwa

They import cheaper fuel from South Africa and lie that it’s in transit to DRC but offload it in Zimbabwe and feed the black market for ridiculous profits.

The tanker then proceeds to DRC filled with water, because the weighbridge cannot dictate the type of liquid but quantity of contents, so this exercise legitimizes the rot.

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Source: Mbare Times

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