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Five inspiring quotes from Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi

Zozibini Tunzi

While her sheer confidence, breathtaking looks, and graceful walk may have won her the Miss Universe title, there is no doubt that Queen Zozibini Tunzi’s pearls of wisdom earned her the world’s respect.

DRUM takes a look at five quotes by Zozibini Tunzi which left many feeling a sense of pride, inspiration as well as the urge to conquer the world.

Zozibini Tunzi

1. Being yourself

“I came into this competition with my natural hair as a symbol of my firm belief in being yourself,” she told DRUM after winning the Miss SA title in August 2019.

2. Women in leadership

“I didn’t enter Miss SA because I thought I was the most beautiful woman in SA, I entered because it’s one of the few platforms that give women the ability to lead and I knew I had a powerful voice and message to send out,” she told DRUM just before heading to the Miss Universe competition.

3. Zozi’s wish for women

“My wish for women is that they understand that they are extremely powerful and that it is their responsibility to takeover from where the women of 1956 left off,” she said during her interview as a top 16 finalist for the Miss South Africa pageant.

4. A girl with a dream

“I always knew I had to find a way to be a catalyst for positive change. Finally, everything has come full circle and I find myself ready to deliver on the promises I have been making since I was a child,” she told DRUM.

5. The winning answer – and yes, operation take up the space is in full swing!

“We should be teaching young girls to take up space. Nothing is as important as taking up space in society and cementing yourself,” she said during the Miss Universe pageant.

In other news – Here are the Incredible prizes Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi is walking away with

Newly crowned Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi walks away with super cool prizes such as; A year-long salary as Miss Universe – thought to be worth more than $100 000 (Around R1.475 million).

Zozibini Tunzi

A luxury apartment in New York City. Her living expenses in America – such as rent and maintenance – will all be covered. A modelling portfolio by top- fashion photographers. continue reading

Source: Drum