This week in Rhythm City a memorial service will be held for Sfiso, who was played by the late Dumi Masilela. His real life family will also be included in the scene.

Fellow actors will have time to deal with Sfiso’s death before a special on-screen memorial service in his honor on October 18. The memorial will feature appearances by the actor’s mom Sabatha Magdeline and brother Thabani. Dumi Masilela made his final appearance on’s Rhythm City on October 11th.

Dumi Masilela

To tell S’fiso’s exit story, the producers got the family’s permission to re-enact the way that Dumi died in real-life. This will be done with the exit of Sifiso Ngema mirroring what happened to the actor to help focus attention on the scourge of violent crime in South Africa.

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