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Faith Nketsi speaks out on alleged Pimping Scandal

A couple of days ago, social media users accused Faith Nkesti of using her company, Feline Management to lure girls into pr0stitution after a woman claimed that she was allegedly recruited and r@ped.

After a social media firestorm, Faith distanced herself from the scandal, in a statement she posted on her Instagram account, Faith denied these allegations calling on the “supposed victim” to come out and show their face.

Faith Nketsi

Take a look at her statement below.

I’d like to formally address the rumors that have been accused against me and my company, Feline Management.
A r@pe incident has come forward on social media claiming that I assisted in a female being r@ped. THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE. As a woman, I view r@pe as a very serious offense and I do not whatsoever support this crime. R@pe is not a subject that should be falsely accused of any individual as it’s a heartbreaking and unacceptable crime. If at any time, or any circumstance, any individual was s-e-xually@bused or r@ped and is claiming I have something to do with this, Please come forward so we can deal with this legally.

Feline ManagementFeline management is a legal and registered company that myself and Tebogo T run. We have worked immensely hard for our company to be where it is today. For it to get this scrutiny and negative publicity breaks my heart. For those questioning what feline management does, let me inform you. – feline management is a brand development company for social media. – Feline management scouts female talent to empower and build them through their social media. – Feline manages and oversees the day to day business affairs of our signed artists such as our DJs, models, hostesses, social media influencers, makeup artists, and dancers.

Faith Nketsi
Due to our huge following and fan bases on social media, we have mastered the art of brand management. It is unacceptable that people are bruising and tarnishing my company’s name. Rather direct your attacks to me and not my company as I am used to constantly being cyberbullied.
Lastly, to the supposed victim please come out and show your face and take me to court, PLEASE!! Also, I DO NOT HAVE TWITTER

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