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REVEALED: Here’s why Big Brother Mzansi housemate Venus always did this

Former #BBMzansi housemate Venus’ disturbing habit worked her fingers to the bone in superseding her modest character on her long stay on Big Brother Mzansi.

Her stay came to an end last night when she got kicked out of the house together with the fan favourite – Nale.

The 25-year-old aspiring musician whose real name is Thobeka Mtshali became an online meme after her disgusting habit caught the attention of the sharp-eyed Big Brother fans.

Fans noticed – on several occasions – that she constantly had her hands stuck on her behind.

Her habit was so random that she could dip her hands on her behind even when cooking or eating.

At one point, Biggie’s sharp camera did her dirt by showing her smelling the hands after dipping them on her back.

This called for an uproar from the disgusted fans on Twitter who came up with so many theories about her habit.

Among the diagnostics given, bacteria infections and fermentation topped the list.

The publication understands that Venus’s unhygienic problem is a health problem that has been affecting the charming musician for a long time now.

Like many other health problems out there, – and disgusting as they may be, Venus’ needs no stigmatization.

Constant itching on someone’s anus is normally caused by one’s diet.

Judging from her long stay on Big Brother Mzansi, we now understand what is on Venus’ everyday diet.

And a lot of coffee and energy drinks are one.

According to medical literature, people who like drinking strong coffee are more likely to have an itchy behind because caffeine tends to loosen one’s anal muscles thereby causing body waste to leak and cause some irritation.

Some of the food on the Big Brother star’s diet could be including teas, colas, energy drinks, chocolates, nuts, and citrus fruits among many things that cause irritation on the anal area.

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