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Sangoma Mphowabadimo speaks on living with a calling in the Big Brother house

Big Brother Mzansi winner Michelle “Mphowabadimo” Mvundla said there were certain things she could not do in the house as a “child of the ancestors”.

In a Castle Milk Stout Ancestors’ Day panel discussion this week, Mpho spoke about her experience in the Big Brother house.

The star’s fans often defended her against housemates who mocked her spirituality and she trended every week as a result.

Michelle “Mphowabadimo” Mvundla

“I really believe it was not by coincidence, I went there to represent a black child who walks with elders. I had to protect the sacredness of the community I stand for.

“There so many things that I couldn’t do, like burning incense. Even me taking snuff on the show was looked at as something dirty, and it was also our own black youth who were saying those things. It was very sad to hear.

I went in there to show people that African spirituality is freedom. It will not box you or cage you as long as you know who you stand for and because, if really we do not want to believe what we are, then I believe we shouldn’t walk around with our surnames — we should use our names.”

The mother of one said African spirituality is not limited to traditional healers. In a broader context, it’s in the bloodline.

“First of all, when it comes to ancestors I would like to say that the general misconception is when everyone think of ancestors, they think of iSangoma or traditional healers. It’s actually deeper than that, it’s our bloodline, it is who we are. Because the minute you know isbongo sakho or who you are, that is touching on the meaning and the history of who you are.

So I believe that they are our angels, those are our guides. Those are the people that we relate to. So when we appease our ancestors that is the connection that we have with our ancestors.”


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