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Horror as dead woman haunts Ramaphosa family – One kid dead, 3 others can’t sleep at night

They received what they thought was their brother’s body and performed rituals.

And just as the family was about to leave for the cemetery, the pastor suggested they open the coffin to ensure they were burying the right body.

But much to the family’s shock, the body in the coffin was not their brother Sonwabile Babalwa Masumpa(27).

Instead, it was the body of a woman with dreadlocks.

The publication published the family’s story on 25 January, headlined “Dreadlocks stop funeral”.

Now the family is faced with another dilemma.

They said bad things have been happening since they buried their brother on 20 January. The heartbreak started on 27 January when three-month-old Lindokuhle Masumpa died.

Now three other kids aged between three months and 14 can’t sleep at night.

Sonwabile’s sister, Claudette Peterson said the kids cry at night and the 14-year-old told them she saw a shadow of a woman in their shack, who the family believes might be the spirit of the dreadlocked woman haunting them.

“The kids don’t sleep at night. It’s as if some evil forces are at play in this home.

We have to burn impepho every night. It’s as if they see something,” said Claudette.

The family from Ramaphosa near Reiger Park is now worried who or what might come next.

Claudette said they visited a sangoma, who told them having the wrong body in the house was the reason bad things happened to them.

“Doctors told us the kids had a temperature and would be fine, only for things to get worse when they got home,” she said.

“We consulted a prophet, who told us our home is haunted and needs to be cleansed.

“We’re worried because we performed rituals on the wrong body. We don’t know who that person was and how she died.”

The family is asking for help to cleanse their home.

Sangoma Magotweni Khoza said when the family performed rituals and called out their izithakazelo, they unknowingly did so on the wrong body.

“It’s like they brought the spirit of this person they don’t know.

“This person is now going to haunt them because she’s conflicted and wants somewhere to belong.”

She said the family needed to get a sangoma who’ll first investigate before cleansing the family and their home.

-daily sun

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