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Eskom to implement power cuts directly in Ekurhuleni

Eskom has decided to directly implement rolling blackouts in the City of Ekurhuleni.

The utility says the metro has not been implementing power cuts as required.

Eskom says it has engaged the city on numerous occasions regarding its failure to implement the cuts.

It says this puts strain on the already constrained grid and could lead to higher stages of blackouts.

Source: eNCA

In other news – Watch: Faith Nketsi feels embarrassed after failing to dance

Popular Mzansi reality TV star, model, and dancer Faith Nketsi failed to make the moves of the Yahyuppiyah dance challenge. The Yahyuppiyah dance had been viral on TikTok, and many top celebs did the challenge. Some celebs who did the challenge are even older than Faith Nkletsi, but they managed to pull a few moves.

Faith Nketsi

Among them are actresses Connie Ferguson and Connie Chiume, who are all above fifty years of age. Faith Nketsi tried to do the challenge when making a TikTok video but could not last long before failing. Learn More