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Some legal bodies accuse RAF of failing to fulfil basic mandate

Some legal organizations have accused the Road Accident Fund (RAF) of failing to fulfill its basic mandate.

Representatives from about 10 organizations drafted a joint memorandum linking both the board and the CEO to funding issues within the state insurer.

One of the organizations, the National Association of Democratic Lawyers, said the fund was lagging in registering and processing claims.

The association’s Lizelle Haskins said delays posed a serious threat to road accident survivors.

“We’ve also seen over the past two/three years that there have been what we can term an unfortunate Road Accident Fund crisis.

“We’ve experienced, for lack of a better term, a Road Accident Fund that’s incapable of meeting the road accident victims.”

She said new requirements for claimants are obstructing fundamental RAF regulations.

“When you have substantially complied, there should be an acceptance of a [plan], but because of the new requirements, the plans are not being accepted.

“If the plan is not accepted, then unfortunately the Road Accident Fund victim is unable to be compensated for the injuries that they withstood.”

Meanwhile, RAF’s CEO, Collins Letsoalo, refuted all accusations linking his board to an internal crisis.

“The lie is like all the other lies that are being told. So, the legal fraternities, I’m worried about the way they seem to suffer from confabulation.”


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