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Penny Lebyane on forgiving Phat Joe: It freed me

Penny Lebyane

It seems near impossible to be mad at radio host Phat Joe for too long even though he seems to always find himself in trouble for things he says. Recently, radio personality Penny Lebyane called him out, for allegedly questioning Anele Mdoda’s capabilities as a judge for the Miss SA 2019 beauty pageant. But this morning, Penny was on Phat Joe’s breakfast show on Radio 2000 where the two seemingly made amends.

Penny Lebyane

After pleasantries were exchanged on the show, the elephant in the room was tackled and the two admitted that they are now on good terms.

The conversation soon turned into one about the radio industry. Old feelings and issues that were never really discussed were finally spoken about and Phat Joe actually admitted that during their days at YFM, where their careers were launched, he was part of the people who targeted Penny who was doing very well at the time.

Talking to Move! Penny says there was never really any beef between them, “There were just a lot of things that were never discussed.” Glad to have honoured the invite from Joe, she says, “He said it, I was targeted, and I was not paranoid. People close to me know how that affected me and impacted me, especially the kind of image it created.

Phat Joe

Penny would not mind having a podcast to unpack the loaded conversation that had to be squashed into a few minutes. “I have new found respect for Joe. I am grateful for the moment. It freed me. It put an old ghost to bed,” she tells Move!

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