Home Accidents Pedestrian killed on N4

Pedestrian killed on N4

Pedestrian killed on N4

At 10H50 Saturday morning, Netcare 911 responded to reports of a collision on the N4 Westbound in Willow Acres Pretoria.

Pedestrian killed on N4

Reports from the scene indicate that an adult male was struck down by a bakkie while crossing the road.

Medics assessed the patient and found that he had sustained fatal injuries and was declared deceased on the scene.

Pedestrian killed on N4

Source – Shawn Herbst – Media Liaison Officer – Netcare Limited – Netcare 911

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DJ Tira has been flexing his blessings a lot lately. The super talented muso has worked hard to get to where he is today; the lush life doesn’t come for free.

DJ Tira

From starting out earning less than R500 a gig to earning over R70 000 a gig, Tira has really climbed his way up the ladder.

Briefly.co.za recently reported on the boujee crib that Tira purchased for himself and his perfect little family. Tira is a liker of the finer thing, and, like any man, he loves them super lit whips.

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