3 injured in multiple vehicle crash on Durban’s M7 highway

Three people have been treated for injuries sustained following a multiple-vehicle pile-up on the M7 Pinetown-bound highway before Bellville Road in Durban on Tuesday.

ALS Paramedics spokesperson, Garrith Jamieson, said a truck and trailer careened down the M7 highway after the driver lost control.

“The truck was travelling on the eastbound carriageway, crossed over the westbound carriageway, collided into a bus and a car before crashing into a bank,” he said.

Both drivers were entrapped and while emergency teams worked to stabilize both men inside the vehicles, Netcare 911 rescue unit and eThekwini Fire Department teams worked to extricate the men.

Jamieson said once free, both men were carefully immobilized onto specialized apparatus before being carried out of the vehicles and into awaiting ambulances.

“One driver from the light motor vehicle sustained moderate injuries and was stabilized on the scene before been transported to a nearby Durban Hospital for the further treatment that he required,” he said.

The affected roadway was closed to traffic while emergency teams were busy with clean-up operations.

Police attended the scene and investigations into the exact cause will form part of an investigation.

While the events leading up to the accident are unknown at the stage, it is believed the wet weather experienced across the city earlier in the afternoon may have contributed to the crash.

Residents in parts of Durban experienced heavy rainfall and hail just after 4 pm.


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