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‘R30 000 for tlof tlof’: Men take chances with Skomota’s ex-girlfriend

Mathapelo Kanyane is shocked by reaction from men on her social media platforms.

And it seems her dance business will be selling like fat cakes.

This is after the publication published a story about Mathapelo getting offers to do a happy ending with her clients.

The 32-year-old from Maruleng Ga-Mphahlele in Limpopo, who is popularly known as Black Cat Girl, said since the publication published her story, men have been offering more money to sleep with her.

The singer and stripper said she was shocked by the number of people who want to sleep with her.

Black Cat Girl

“Well, I’ve been offered money for s.e.x before, but this is crazy,” she joked.

She said she knew that some of the men couldn’t afford the R30k amount.

“Some of them take chances, but they’re really offering,” she said.

Black Cat Girl is also known for dating the famous Thabang Sefala, also known as Skomota.

When they were dating, they would take explicit videos and photos of themselves.

Many people have accused Black Cat Girl of being an attention-seeker. However, she told the publication she is trying to have a career going.

“I’m doing my job, but sometimes, when you fall in love, you can’t change that. I genuinely loved Skomota, and it wasn’t about clout,” she said.


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