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Pastor Alph Lukau who raised Elliot from the dead shows off multi-million rand Car – Pictures

Pastor Alph Lukau

There is never a dull moment on social media streets, especially on Twitter where people get to express whatever they feel like letting out. There has never passed a day without any drama or hot trends, which has made it very active all the time.

Celebrities, politicians, you name them, are scrutinized each time they get to share something on the platform. Just recently, a well-known tweep, Man’s NOT Barry Roux shared pictures of the man of God, Pastor Alph Lukau who made shocking waves after ‘raising a man from the dead’, flexing in a multi-million rand car, Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV.

‘In case you have been thinking where Alpha Lukau, the guy who woke up Elliot from the dead is. Here he is with his new Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV. Scam them Papa’, he wrote.

With no time, a lot of tweeps reacted with mixed reactions and they had this to say:

-News365.co.za, Twitter

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Some Nigerian men residing in Parklands have humiliated two South African women, this time taking a video of [email protected] women in their apartment. The nu_de women pleaded not to have their pictures taken but the Nigerians were having none of it.

The women are being accused of stealing the Nigerians Rolex watch. “Hey shut up, where is my Rolex watch, ” one of the men is heard saying. continue reading