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Papa Penny joins the Amapiano movement – You must change & go with the times

Papa Penny

Penny Penny is joining the amapiano movement and these streets are now going to cat-pounce to his new single, Mphe Mphe.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Papa Penny explained that the new single was one of the many songs he had from his ‘yanos-inspired new album.

The decision to do amapiano may be a surprise to many, but Papa Penny explained that he was all about being flexible: “When you’re an artist, you don’t stay in the same genre. Artists are not like soccer players; you must change and go with the times.

“I’m moving with the times – that’s why I am on the amapiano.”

He explained that his new single is about giving people money every time someone asks for it.

“I also have a song called Silima that people are enjoying at the moment,” he added.

Papa Penny enlisted the help of fresh talent to make sure he was dropping fire tracks that would resonate with the young ‘uns. “I worked with young producers on the album, which know the genre very well,” he said.

He said he recently performed his new amapiano-infused songs overseas: “I just came back from the UK and I performed these amapiano songs to the audience. They loved it!”

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Source: Timeslive