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Crushing with Nozipho Zulu in Gordon’s Bay

Socialite and businesswoman Nozipho Zulu enjoying life at its fullest. You know at times one have to celebrate the fruits from his or her sweat because it wouldn’t be fair to not show how hard a person will be working.

Nozipho Zulu

Nozipho is just that type who loves enjoying results from her efforts and strengths she is putting into her business. She has her own clothing shop called Zeeshop and all seem to be going well for the lady.

Nozipho Zulu

She therefore decided to take some time to enjoy herself in Gordon’s Bay in Cape Town. Through her snaps from Instagram you can tell the Miss is having a good time there.

Nozipho Zulu

On story line she revealed many sorts of views from the place, her dressing there, food she is eating and where she is basing. Gordon’s Bay is really beautiful no wonder why she decided to go there.

Nozipho Zulu

Nono is having a nice time, don’t disturb her. Enjoy girl, enjoy!

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Lulu Menziwa

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Source: News365, Instagram

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