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Nasty C and girlfriend Sammie Heavens, cutest couple ever

Nasty C and Sammie

Nasty C and girlfriend Sammie Heavens, cutest couple ever. The singer who had kept his love life private finally revealed her girlfriend and since then we have been keeping tabs on the beautiful Sammie. That’s her name and she is not a public person too. Her Instagram has a few pictures of the beautiful soul and we loved what we saw.

The rapper and his girlfriend Sammie, only went public with their relationship this year, but they have been together since high school. The rapper, Nasty C is beginning to let us in on his very secret relationship.

And the reason for all the secrecy, says Nasty, is because he wanted to protect her from the monster that is fame. Nasty spoke to TshisaLive about his romantic affairs and why they have now gone public.

Now they are posting each other on their Instagram accounts as their relationship is now open to the whole of Mzansi. They serve cute couple goals and we couldn’t just help ourselves sharing with you this beautiful love that is blossoming from this young couple…

Nasty C and Bae

We found our magic. Now I’m partnering with Axe to help YOU find YOUR magic! #AxeGold #FindYourMagic @sammieheavens

Nasty C and Sammie

@sammieheavens you’re cool. Nasty C wrote on his Instagram after posting a series of pictures with his love partner.

Nasty C and Sammie

“Before I didn’t wanna do none of that because she was still in high school and in matric too.

Nasty C and SammieI didn’t want to do that to her‚ you know distract her. Plus I was still kind of blowing up and it was hard for me to adjust‚ so I wanted to give her time,” he said.

Nasty C and Sammie

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