Home Entertainment Nandi Madida and K.O tease new music

Nandi Madida and K.O tease new music

Nandi Madida and K.O

Musicians Nandi Madida and K.O are finally releasing a follow-up to their hit, Skhanda Love. The duo took to social media to share a snap of them together saying in part: “🎶 THIS FRIDAY 🔥.

Nandi Madida and K.O

Nandi and K.O collaborated on one of South Africa’s biggest love songs, Skhanda Love, in 2015.

Nandi Madida and K.O

Although they hinted at working together again over the past couple of years, they didn’t release a song or a announce a release date until now. Nandi Madida and K.O tease new music. We can’t wait to hear what they have in store.

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