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Riky Rick’s clip from his last performance has Mzansi in tears – He knew he was about to die

After news of the untimely death of Riky Rick, video footage of the rapper speaking after his performance has emerged.

The video clip which is already doing rounds on social media has got people speculating that he knew that he was about to die. He spoke as if that was his last speech as he hinted that it could be the last time people saw him.

In the video, Riky Rick can be heard saying:

I’m about to be out but if you never see me or if you never hear from me again I want you to remember that you have to take care of people that are close to you. Make sure they are safe and make sure they make it through 2022...”

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, just six months ago, Riky Rick was on record saying “if you never hear from me again, I love you.”

The words “If you never hear from me again” had become his favourite line lately.

Just last night, Riky Rick left a cryptic message on his social media saying; “I’ll return a stronger man. This world is still my home.” It is a line from one of his songs “Home.” His last tweet has got people believing that it was his way of signing out.

In other news – Things you probably didn’t know about Riky Rick

Mzansi award-winning South African rapper and hip-hop artist Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, popularly known as Riky Rick, passed away on the morning of Wednesday 23 February.

Riky Rick

The family of rapper Riky Rick confirmed that he passed on following the rumours circulating on Twitter. A source told a local publication that the 34-year-old rapper was found by his management team at about 08:30. Learn More