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Mzansi celebs that have Baby Mama Drama – Pictures

This is a list to share some of the craziest baby mama drama situations we’ve seen thus far in South Africa from our celebrity baby daddy’s. We have taken the time to summarise all the drama into one paragraph per baby mama for you to analyse and come up with your own conclusions regarding the different scenario’s.

Robert Marawa

Well, without further ado let’s get the ball rolling and check out our list of Top South African Celebrities That Have Baby Mama Drama. (Side note: Not all of them are soccer players. LOL!)

Anga Makubalo
Anga Makubalo. There are always two sides to a story right? Anga claims he only dumped his baby mama because she was cheating on him and well her friends claim that Anga hasn’t been supporting their 3-year-old son.Anga Makubalo

Maggie has said that she’s not about to bad mouth Anga to news platforms but her friends have suggested that she go to court with the matter. Is this another case of…”He’s famous now chomie, go for the money!”?

Benni McCarthy
So about a week ago, Benni’s ex came out with claims that she has a baby and that the baby is his! According to Move magazine, Benni started dating 19-year-old Pearl Ndlovu back when he was still a Pirates player in 2011.

Benni McCarthy

The story is that as soon as Pearl gave birth, Benni ran away…well all Pearl’s family want right now is for him to pay maintenance and do right by the child. Pearl’s sister even said that he’s more than welcome to do a paternity test. Benni’s agent was a little confused by the claims and speaking on Benni’s behalf said he doesn’t understand why Pearl didn’t mention the child earlier…uhmmm, we also wonder actually.

Melusi Yeni
Yes, actors have drama too. So Sunday World got this scoop first, it’s said baby mama Palesa Yvodia Molemela was literally begging the Randburg Magistrate’s Court to issue a warrant for Yeni’s arrest after he continuously failed to pay maintenance for his child.

Melusi Yeni

When the court asked the actor why he was not paying maintenance he claimed that he can’t afford to pay R6 000.00 per month and requested that the maintenance be reduced to R1 500.00…we honestly have no words for him.

DJ Fresh
Fresh out the box of course, DJ Fresh and his apparent love child with his manager Tsholo Mosaka. Well we call this one a drama because; Tsholo’s friends revealed that her and Fresh have a 4-year-old son together.

DJ Fresh

When Tsholo was asked about it she said: “Go ahead and open a can of worms but you can ask him about it.” When the wife was asked about the love child she asked the paper where they got their information from and well Fresh? Fresh denied it all…uhmmm…

Robert Marawa

As we all may remember Robert Marawa’s baby mama was quite the ‘expensive’ one. Zoey Mthiyane first moved to Australia with her son and then came back to SA to sue for child maintenance because her son was leading an expensive that she couldn’t maintain.Robert-Marawa

Zoey then took the sports analyst to court for R28 900.00 maintenance money. Long story short…she’s currently expecting baby number two and is set to marry an international musician…between her and Robert? The battle has not been won, yet.

Bongani Fassie
Bongani Fassie, where do we even begin with his story? Well this is a different case we’re about to present to you, Bonagni’s baby mama left him with their daughter. She said goodbye one day and never looked back.Bongani Fassie

The funny part about this story is that the baby mama left the house she shared with Bongani only to go squat on a friend’s couch, haha. Well big ups to Bongz for stepping up and being a great father to his daughter.

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