Mzansi Can’t Deal as Man Caught on Camera Looking at Another Lady

A young man recently headed online to share a funny snap of another dude staring at a lady who is taking snaps in the road – In the funny post, the young man who should be smiling for a selfie with a lady next to him, can’t seem to take his eyes off the other woman in the street – Locals have shared various reactions to the funny post in the comment section.

Man Caught on Camera

Sometimes when something catches your eyes, it’s very hard to stop looking at it – it’s happened to the best of us. A young man recently found himself in this predicament and was hilariously caught on camera.

Man Caught on Camera

Taking to Twitter, @RealMrumaDrive, shared a snap of the dude who seemed to be captivated by a young lady who was posing for some photos of herself meanwhile he was meant to be smiling for a selfie with another lady.

In other news – Woman Celebrates being Happily Divorced

Love is a beautiful thing, but when two people can no longer live together as one, they think of divorce so as to opt-out of the marriage.

Woman Celebrates being Happily Divorced

This was what happened to a young woman identified on Twitter as Ego Oyibo – Ego Oyibo with the Twitter handle @Ojornelu recently took to the social media platform to celebrate her divorce after a Lagos high court dissolved her marriage. Learn more

Source: Celebsnow

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