Motorist injured in hit and run

Gauteng: At 15H00 Monday afternoon, Netcare 911 responded to a collision on Ballyclare Drive in Bryanston Johannesburg.

Reports indicate that two cars and a truck were involved in a collision. As per members of the public on the scene, one of the cars had allegedly driven away after the incident occurred.

Motorist injured in hit and run

Medics assessed the scene and found that an adult female had sustained moderate injuries and was treated on scene before being transported to the hospital. The truck driver did not sustain any injuries.

 In Other News – Health benefits you need to know when eating fish daily

One of the health benefits of eating fish is to stay fit and healthy without diseases or health problems. The journey to living healthy starts what we consumed and some of the nutrients that are being supplied to the body through what we eat.

Listed below are some health benefits of eating fish daily:

1. Supply minerals
One of the health benefits you get when you eat fish regularly is that it contains minerals like zinc. Zinc is vital and essential to the reproductive body systems.

2. Supply vitamins
When you eat fish every day, it supplies vitamins that repair worn-out tissues in the body. Vitamins like Vita-E, Vita-A, Vita-B, etc. are healthy to the body. See More

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