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Mobi Dixon having a hard time living without Nichume – Dedicates song in her honour

Mobi Dixon & Nichume

When Nichume Siwundla died music producer Mobi Dixon was devastated not only because he and his company were blamed for the death, but also because of the good working relationship that existed between him and the late music sensation.

He recently opened up about how he is finding it hard to cope with the death, and the song he is releasing this month has opened up the emotional wound in his heart.

Since Nichume’s death, Dixon has been showing signs of stress, and has been in and out of medical rehab, as he tries to come to terms with the loss. She also featured on his smash hit Thobela.

Nichume (27) committed suicide in June this year by jumping off a friend’s balcony in Greenstone, Johannesburg.

Nichume Siwundla

This led to speculations among her fans as to why she took her own life. They alleged Dixon had not been paying her well, resulting in her killing herself, but Dixon denied the allegations.

He reportedly received threats not to come to the funeral and because of that, he did not attend her burial.


He had been avoiding speaking about the issue out of the respect he has for Nichume.

“I was avoiding the topic because I didn’t want to seem as though I was bashing her family at such a fragile time,” Mobi Dixon said. “They lost their daughter less than two months ago, a daughter who was very close to me. I feel I need to clear the rumours that I had a hand in the way she died. Her death was unexpected,
especially the way she died.”

He admitted that Nichume was frustrated by lack of money while her career got off the ground, but he added that he always did what he could for her, and rubbished the claim that he caused her death.

“I don’ t want to hurt her family or speak ill of her and tarnish her legacy, but I suffered immensely when accused of not taking care of her. I went to lengths to try to do that. I invested a lot of capital, energy and time into getting her to where she was,” he said.

Mobi added that in actual fact he went an extra mile in helping her, buying clothes sometimes, rent, transport costs, etc, the extent that other music labels do not do for their artists. He said that extra mile wasn’t in their contract, but he did it because he considered her as a sister to him.

There was a bond between them, and he sensed that something was wrong with her in the days leading up to her death. “Nichume and I were close, we were like brother and sister, but in her last days she had been distant,” he revealed. “I knew she was depressed, but I thought she had it under control, like I had mine under control.

“I’ve been to a depression clinic before, in 2011, when my career was not picking up. Losing Nichume took me back to those days. I felt like I had relapsed. I had to go through therapy again, be hospitalised and I was put on medication again before I could get back to work,” he said.

Dixon added that the fact that he failed to send her off, to her final resting place, took a toll on him. “I was admitted to hospital for two weeks to deal with my depression after not being allowed to attend her memorial service and funeral and to grieve the way I would have wanted to.”

He said soon after a friend called him to tell him of Nichume’s passing, he received threats from mutual friends and some of her family members telling him not to attend the funeral and memorial service.

It took him nearly a month to decide whether he should speak about Nichume, or not, but he is determined to set the record straight. “People are being unfair for blaming me. My main mandate was to make sure she and the other artists under my company become successful,” he said, referring to his charges Blomzit Avenue, Nombila, Kiss Beatz, T-Love and King Wave. “I care for the people I work with because I spend most of my
time with them and I believe in them.”

His company has just signed a marketing deal with Sony Music deal for all the artists under his stable.

“I wish Nichume would have hung in there for just a bit so she could enjoy the rewards of her hard work.

“But what’s done cannot be reversed. Today I still cry with her family,” he said.

Mobi Dixon

He is planning to pay tribute to her. At the end of August, Dixon will release a single featuring Nichume, Blomzit Avenue and NaakMusiQ.

“The song has already been leaked on social-media platforms, but the official track will be released this month.

“Camagu is one of the last songs we did together that I produced for my album, and we will release it in her honour. It was always her dream to work with NaakMusiQ and I know this will make her dance wherever she is.” All proceeds and royalties for the song will be going to her family, he added. “All this is to bid her farewell and keep her legacy alive.”

For him, nurturing talent takes time and fame comes with a lot of pressure, and urged artists to live within means so that they avoid putting unnecessary pressure on themselves.

“Artists need to be honest with themselves and their families that until you make it, you shouldn’t put pressure on yourself financially,” said the music producer.

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