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Lootlove shows off her sneaker collection


Lootlove is showing off her impressive sneaker collection. The star opened her doors to give us a look at some of her collector’s editions. In a video clip shared on her social media, Lootlove visited her high school where her love for sneakers began.

Lootlove shows off her impressive sneaker collection. Luthando Lootlove got fans mushy over their screen after showcasing her collection of sneakers in an advert.

Loot Love

The mother of 2 recently dished 4 different drip at the House of Vans event held in Johannesburg and she really got mind blown with her looks.

Loot Love

“A journey of a thousand miles began with a dope pair of sneakers!🤑 🔥 I had the honour of showcasing my sneaker collection… I took a young step back and visited my old high school where it all began.

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