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Mihlali & Sarah Langa’s pics stepping out of ‘private flights’ leaves tweeps dizzy

Mihlali and Sarah Langa

Influencers Mihlali Ndamase and Sarah Langa decided to starve the nation of all oxygen on Thursday, after they “pulled up” and caused major traffic with snaps of them near a private jet and helicopter, respectively.

The pair both landed on the Twitter trends list after they posted videos of themselves stunting on everyone else. Mihlali posted her video looking like she’d just walked out of a private jet, while Sarah did the same thing but in all black next to a helicopter.

“Aviation Twitter” wasn’t having it though. They also pulled up thick and fast on Mihlali’s TL talking about how the turbines were still covered. This apparently means that the jet had been grounded all along and hadn’t flown recently.

That didn’t stop Mihlali from dominating most of the conversations on Twitter, like she probably planned. In fact, in just a few hours, the video had more than a million views.

That’s when Sarah joined in and took whatever oxygen tweeps had left.

Just check the girls out.

Together they left the Twitter streets dizzy!

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