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Amapiano star goes back to school

IT’S back to school for amapiano star

The 18-year-old is ready to wear his uniform again, forget a little about his celebrity status and focus on his books.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Mfana Ka Gogo whose real name is Sipho Mbonambi, said he wants to inspire his fellow schoolmates at Fundinduku Secondary in Castlekop, Nteke, southern KZN.

“I’ve made it to music before I finish high school. But I still have dreams outside music. I want to become a brilliant and successful businessman. That’s why I decided not to be overwhelmed by fame and quit school. Our late president Nelson Mandela said education is a powerful weapon that we can use to change the world.

So for me, going to school will inspire my school mates. They’ll know that there’s nothing important more than education, not even music,” said Mfana Ka Gogo

The rising star, who recently released a song Jabula, said that although school won’t disturb his music, he will make sure that he manages his time well.

“My aim is to get top marks. So if I have too much school work, I won’t have a choice but to decline bookings and limit my studio time. Grade 12 is the most important class because it gives you keys to your future. So I’ll make sure that I give my books most of my time and give my time to music,” he said.

Mfana Ka Gogo was raised by his gogo while his mum worked as a domestic worker.

His father died when he was in grade 2.

He said he used to hang out with older guys when he was still young.

“I’d go with them to studio. And when I was in grade 6, I recorded a hip-hop song titled Going Back. And In July 2021, I ventured into amapiano. Everything happened so fast because immediately after I released a song, I got the booking for various shows, and my music gained the momentum on radio stations. But I’m glad that I’m surrounded by the old, mature people like my manager Bheko Sokhela and H.U.G.E Entertainment boss Vusi Leeuw, who mentor and encourage me to respect my craft, school and other people,” said Mfana Ka Gogo.

He said he’s studying maths literacy, geography, drama, Zulu, English and life orientation.


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