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Mango Airlines launches rewards programme

Mango Airlines

Low-cost airline Mango has introduced a loyalty programme that rewards you every time you fly with them. Acting CEO Marelize Labuschagne says GO Rewards™ is a rewards programme with a difference.

Where most reward programmes are designed to motivate consumers to be brand loyal over an extended period of time, GO Rewards offers instant rewards. For every flight you book, you are entitled to three rewards up to the value of R 2000. If you book a return flight you get double the rewards. And a family of four flying on return tickets can enjoy rewards up to R16 000.

The rewards are based on experiences, and are divided into six categories including entertainment, days out, dining, fashion, pamper options and accommodation.

Mango Airlines

Labuschagne says: “For example, all our passengers paying for tickets as of 15 July will be rewarded with personalised options such as a restaurant or spa voucher, tickets to local sports games and shows, movies, adventures and experiences for the whole family.
There are hundreds of fabulous experiences to choose from, and the rewards are valid for one month after the flight date. This applies to first time flyers on Mango too,” explains Labuschagne.

More about GO Rewards

Ticket holders can access rewards within 24 hours of making payment.
It is completely digital
After your flight an SMS or email is sent to you with a unique code which is used on a microsite

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