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Enhle Mbali has filed for divorce from DJ Black Coffee

After rumours have been going around that there’s trouble in paradise for DJ Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali, it is now believed their relationship has come to an end. Enhle has apparently filed for divorce.

Enhle Mbali
Rumours started some weeks ago that something’s not right between Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee. The word ‘infidelity’ was also thrown around. Black Coffee was accused of being unfaithful to Enhle and having an affair with Cathy Lobé, the ex-wife of international celeb DJ, David Guetta.  However, it is now believed that the rumours were true, as Enhle has filed for divorce.

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali
News24 reports that attempts to contact Black Coffee have been unsuccessful as he is overseas. Enhle refused to comment but it’s believed that she’s opting for divorce for the sake of her own happiness. A source close to the couple said the actress was not happy in her marriage at all. “Enhle was not happy in her marriage because of Black Coffee’s alleged infidelity and the DJ’s family mistreating her. But she has always been overprotective of her marriage, so she has not aired her dirty laundry in public. “But deep inside she is hurting. This woman has been scorned.

Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee
n August 2018, Enhle opened up at the inaugural In Good Company Experience Summit in Sandton and told guests about women who were sliding into her husband’s DMs. “A sister did me wrong. I heard comments such as, ‘She thinks she’s perfect, even Beyoncé gets cheated on’.Enhle Mbali

My own sisters in the industry and out of the industry make their way to my husband’s inbox. The very same sisters that I fight for.” The couple has apparently been living in different homes for quite a while now.

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