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Man divorces wife over s.ex starvation

According to Punch, Waheed Ajao (49) has been married to his second wife Monsurat Ajao (38) for 19 years. They have five kids together. An angry wife who has been refusing to poke her husband has pleaded to remain married to him because she says she loves him.

But this week he approached the Islamic customary court in Lagos, Nigeria because he just can’t go on being married to a woman who refuses to have s.e.x with him.

He also claims that Monsurat regularly threatens his life. Waheed told the court: “My marriage with Monsurat had been turbulent and fraught with fights and quarrels; I don’t have peace of mind.

“Monsurat is always threatening my life with weapons and I am afraid she may hurt me one day. “She is so troublesome that she fights a lot with my other wives.

“Please court, end this loveless marriage so that I can have peace in my life and live long on earth to eat the fruit of my labour,”   Waheed said he also wants a divorce because his wife comes and goes without asking his permission.

But Monsurat said the reason she denies her husband sex is because he doesn’t like the way he treats her and their kids. “My husband showers love on his other wives than me. Despite being the second wife, I enjoy nothing.

“He has refused to buy me a mattress, I sleep on wood. Waheed always buys things for his other wives’ children but will not buy for my children,” Monsurat said.

Despite this, Monsurat claims she still loves her husband and does not want a divorce. The Islamic customary court ruled that a divorce would be granted a year from now if Monsurat does not change her ways.

Source: Daily Sun

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