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Deadline looms for driver’s licence renewal

If you haven’t renewed your drivers’ licence, the deadline is almost here.

The grace period ends on 31 August.

The backlog has been attributed to the coronavirus and problems with the Transport Department’s online system.

The Automobile Association says the government needs to replace, not repair the system.

“We’ve got a situation where people go into drivers’ licence and testing centres and it is a little easier to get your vehicle license disc sorted, but your driving license card is a problem,” said the AA’s Layton Beard.

“If you go in there and the machines don’t work — the fingerprint machines, the eye test machines or the computers are offline — this just means that the capacity is reduced again.

“We have said time and again, let’s rip this system out, let’s replace it with something that works, and let’s even think, it’s 2021, let’s set up the whole thing online.”

Source: eNCA

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