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Photo of Shauwn Mkhize (MaMkhize) when she was 19 years old with a VW Golf breaks the internet

Mzansi businesswoman and Reality TV star Shauwn Mkhize is known to be one of the flashiest female celebrities in Mzansi.

She’s always showing off her latest designer bag, luxury car or vacay tropical vacay. But the lover of brands like Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton hasn’t always been so glamorous…

The reality TV star and businesswoman surprised her followers when she posted a throwback picture of herself before the fame and fortune of being a household name.

In it, a 19-year-old Shauwn Mkhize poses in front of VW Golf 1. And ironically, there’s not a Gucci in sight!

The mom-of-two decided to post the pic in light of Women’s Month and as a special message to her younger self.

She wrote in the caption: “As I looked at this picture I asked myself: What do I know now that I wish I could tell 19-year-old Shauwn. The answer was a no brainer…’Babes, you are stronger than you know. Be aware of your strength because you are gonna need it for all that lies ahead. Most of all make sure your strength matches your heart because both will be tested’”.

Shauwn also celebrated the role women have to play in society.

“To all of us raising young girls, let’s raise a generation of imbokodo that are self-aware and do not seek validation from things or people that will interfere with their progress.

“If the future was a gender, I think it would definitely be FEMALE!”


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